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What is Getting Curious?

Growing up, Jonathan had a ravenous curiosity for learning new stuff (like his obsession with Finland) that defied the more common pursuits of midwestern boys. In Getting Curious: The Podcast, Jonathan’s curiosity marches on, exploring topics like the Armenian Genocide, Gravitational waves and the Romanovs to lighter fare featuring Margaret Cho or Denise Bidot on what it’s like being a model in fashion today. Each episode focuses on a different topic of interest, welcoming an expert in that particular field to satiate everyone’s curiosity. Jonathan has been turning out episodes since 2015, you will find Getting Curious on Earwolf, Libsyn or the Apple Podcast Store.

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What People Are Saying

Awesome show!

"I loved JVN from Gay of Thrones, so I gave this a try! He is so sincere and enthusiastic, and asks great questions. Very educational :)"

So good.

"I heard Jonathan on another podcast and needed more so looked him up and here we are. I am constantly impressed by his knowledge and approach. Every guest and conversation is riveting, who knew I would want to know more about mass extinction. This is a fun podcast that is actually educational. I could listen to him talk about paint dry though!"


"this is a perfect podcast. inquisitive, palatable, and fierce. JVN is a national treasure. 5/5 stars"

Fun, educating and amazing

"I found out about his podcast when he was on Straight talk with Ross. Gurl, Jonathan is hilarious and smarter than you may have thought. I am learning so much from this podcast and laughing a bunch along the way because he is such a character. I just want to carry him in my pocket, he says the cutest things. Love it."

Give it a Try

"Great podcast from Jonathan Van Ness (from Gay of Thrones) where he talks about complicated topics and issues without making things boring or long-winded. His humor and curiousity make the podcast interesting, as well as the knowledable guests that he interviews. It's a fun way to learn new things while having a laugh!"

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