GETTING CURIOUS | Are We Scammers? A Scam Goddess Special with Laci Mosley 


Jonathan is a guest on one of our favorite podcasts this week: Scam Goddess. And we’re releasing that episode on our Getting Curious feed, too. Did we scam host Laci Mosley and her team into producing an episode of Getting Curious for us? Perhaps. Will you love what you hear? Absolutely. Listen in as Laci and Jonathan discuss an iconic scam from art history, and get a feel for how Jonathan gets curious from the guest seat.

Head to the Scam Goddess podcast feed for notes and sources from this episode, and make sure to subscribe. You can follow Laci on Instagram and Twitter @divalaci, and Scam Goddess on Instagram and Twitter @scamgoddesspod.

“Scam Goddess” is a podcast dedicated to fraud and all those who practice it! Each week host Laci Mosley (aka Scam Goddess) digs deep into the latest scams alongside some of your favorite comedians! It’s like true crime only without all the death! True fun ass crime! 

Scam Goddess was featured in the top 10 comedy podcasts of 2020 by Vulture magazine. It’s been praised by Essence, Marie Claire, Vox, Harper’s Bazaar, Time Out, and was also featured in New York Times. Scam Goddess won the 2021 and the 2022 Webby Awards for Best Crime and Justice Podcast. Scam Goddess is also the winner of the 2022 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards for Best Crime Podcast.

Laci Mosley is a Black American actor, comedian, and podcaster. She performs improv comedy at UCB Los Angeles and is a series regular in Season 2 of HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show, and in the Showmax comedy series Florida Girls. She is also a cast member in Paramount+’s iCarly reboot and a contributor on ABC’s The Con.

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