GETTING CURIOUS | Could A Single Vote Save Abortion Rights? with Sister District


From reproductive rights to school curricula to traffic and infrastructure, state legislatures make decisions about our everyday lives, all across the country. And these legislators regularly win their seats by a couple hundred votes, even fewer. Sister District co-founders Lala Wu and Lyzz Schwegler join Jonathan this week to discuss what’s at stake in state legislative elections this fall, how states like Virginia are bellwethers for 2024, and why every voter needs to show up this odd-year election.

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Lala Wu is a Co-Founder and the Executive Director of Sister District. Prior to Sister District, Lala practiced law, specializing in environmental issues and clean energy. Lala graduated from U.C. Berkeley, School of Law and Barnard College of Columbia University. Lala serves on the Boards of the AAPI Victory Alliance and TogetherSF.

Lyzz Schwegler is a Co-Founder and Sister District’s Senior Vice President of Digital. Prior to co-founding Sister District, she worked for a nonprofit film and television production company, founded her own production company and produced an internationally recognized one-man play, and spent half a decade as a communications professional in the private sector. She was pursuing a graduate degree in Public Policy when Trump was elected and Sister District was born.

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