GETTING CURIOUS | Does Curiosity Grow On Trees? with Professor Beronda Montgomery


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The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and we have a spring in our step because Professor Beronda Montgomery is back on Getting Curious, for an episode all about trees! How do trees know when to unfurl their leaves in the spring? Do they have growth spurts? What’s bud grafting all about? Learn all that and more—plus, catch up on the latest from Jonathan and Mark’s garden.

Beronda Montgomery is a writer, science communicator, and currently a Michigan State University Foundation Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics. Beronda will soon be Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean at Grinnell College. Her recent book is Lessons from Plants (2021, Harvard University Press).

If you aren’t already obsessed with Professor Montgomery and following her on all the socials, she’s on Twitter @BerondaM and @PlantLessons, and on Instagram @Beronda_M and @PlantLessons. Her website is And you can follow her New Scientist column here!

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