GETTING CURIOUS | How Can I Be A Good Plant Parent? with Christopher Griffin aka Plant Kween


Gather your plant fam and tell all the green gurls—there’s royalty on the podcast this week! Christopher Griffin aka THE Plant Kween joins Jonathan to discuss the joys of indoor gardening, from finding a plant that fits your lifestyle to tending to root rot. Plus, a casting session for Divas Live: Green Gurls edition!

Christopher Griffin, also known as Plant Kween, is a Brooklyn-based educator, author of YOU GROW, GURL! Plant Kween’s Lush Guide to Growing your Garden, and gardener with a collection of more than 200 green plants (also known as “green gurls”) in their apartment.

Born and raised in West Philadelphia, Christopher grew up visiting local nurseries with their grandmother, which inspired their plant parenting journey. As an educator, Christopher started their Instagram account @plantkween in 2016 as a way to share the many lessons, lush adventures, and simple joys that come with being a plant parent. Their social media presence has been rooted in a journey of self-care, sharing joy, and community building all through the wonders of those green little creatures we call plants.

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