GETTING CURIOUS | How Can We Be Happier In 2024? with Gretchen Rubin


It’s a new year and there’s a new topic that Jonathan’s curious about! We’re talking about happiness with the expert herself, Gretchen Rubin from the Happier podcast. She answers all of our burning questions about happiness in the new year: Is focusing on our own happiness selfish? How can we use our personality type to set more achievable goals in the new year? And how can we be more playful with our resolutions?

Gretchen Rubin is the author of many bestselling books, such as The Happiness Project, Better Than Before, and The Four Tendencies, which have sold millions of copies in more than thirty languages. Her most recent book is Life in Five Senses. She’s also host of the popular podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, and founder of award-winning Happier app, which helps people track their happiness-boosting habits.

You can follow Gretchen on Instagram @gretchenrubin. You can find more information about Gretchen, here and you can listen to Happier wherever you get your podcasts.

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