GETTING CURIOUS | How Do You Get Involved In Politics?


With November right around the corner, many people are expressing frustration with our current political leaders. So this week civic leader Lauren Baer tells us all about how we can all get involved in politics to create the change we want to see! Is electoral politics for me? What are all the different roles in a campaign? Where can I get started if I don’t already have a degree in politics? 

Lauren Baer (she/her) is a nationally-recognized civic leader who has built her career generating social impact at scale. She currently serves as Managing Partner of Arena, where she leads the Arena team in convening, training, and supporting the next generation of candidates and campaign staff. An attorney and foreign policy expert, Lauren served for six years as an official in the Obama administration and was the 2018 Democratic nominee for U.S. Congress in Florida’s 18th District.

If you want to find your place in politics or connect with others ready to make a difference, join Lauren, her team, and hundreds of other passionate folks in Atlanta, Georgia from April 20-21 for 2024’s most important convening of progressive changemakers at Arena Summit. Visit to learn more and receive 20% your registration.

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