GETTING CURIOUS | How Do You Take Pride In Farming? with Lee Hennessy


When we first met Lee Hennessy, he introduced himself as “a farmer, doing farmer things, living the farmer life, who happens to be trans.” To round out our “Pride In Nature” series, we’re learning all about Lee’s life running Moxie Ridge Farm & Creamery, what it was like to come out after opening the farm, and what farming has taught him about sex and gender.

A note to listeners: Lee’s work as a livestock farmer involves creating and selling animal products, including things like cheese, wool, and meat. If this topic is challenging or uncomfortable, we encourage listeners to approach the episode if/when they’re ready and to visit Moxie Ridge’s values to understand Lee’s approach to making animal products.

Lee Hennessy is the founder, farmer, and cheesemaker of Moxie Ridge Farm. Lee is a first-generation farmer and a transgender man with a surprising background in both wine and Hollywood. He lives and works in Argyle, NY and in his spare time he enjoys spending time with his goats, reading long fantasy series, learning to play instruments and singing.

You can follow Lee on Instagram @hennessie. Want to know what Moxie Ridge Farm is up to? Follow them on Instagram @moxieirdgefarm. 

If you’d like to help finance a security system for Moxie Ridge Farm, you can donate to their GoFundMethis piece explains why trans-owned farms like Moxie Ridge need security. Consider supporting Moxie Ridge’s Patreon, which will help support not only the maintenance and development of the farm, but also allow Lee to mentor future marginalized farmers.

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