GETTING CURIOUS | How Has TikTok Changed Elections? with Annie Wu Henry


If you haven’t seen this week’s Curious Now guest on your TikTok feed, you’ve definitely seen her work. Annie Wu Henry was a breakout star of John Fetterman’s winning Senate campaign, where she crafted iconic, witty, incisive videos for Fetterman’s TikTok account—and turned likes and views into votes. We’re hearing all about her political strategy work, her take on Gen Z and millennial voters, and how she’s planning to post her way through the 2024 presidential elections.

We get into our conversation with Annie around the 11-minute mark, so skip to then if you simply can’t wait to hear from her. For more information on the news stories we covered this week, head to @curiouswithjvn on Instagram.

You can follow Annie on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok @annie_wu_22.

Annie Wu Henry is a progressive social media and digital strategy expert who passionately believes in the synergy of on-the-ground organizing, electoral campaigns, and online media. Currently holding key roles as Creative Director at AAPI Victory Fund and Digital Consultant for the Working Families Party, Annie’s visionary approach has significantly elevated various campaigns and initiatives. Notably, she played a pivotal role as the social media producer for John Fetterman’s successful Senate campaign in Pennsylvania. Through her personal platform, Annie actively engages her followers, empowering them to stay informed and take action in the pursuit of progressive change.

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