GETTING CURIOUS | How Is The Amazon Rainforest Doing? with Dr. M. Sanjayan


Dr. M. Sanjayan is the CEO of Conservation International, and formerly the lead scientist at The Nature Conservancy. He joined Jonathan in the studio to discuss his work with the Amazon Sustainable Landscapes Project, which aims to restore 73 million trees in Brazil by 2023—and explore how saving nature is actually about saving humanity.

Dr. Sanjayan is a recipient of UCSC’s Global Oceans Hero Award, a member of National Geographic Society’s Explorers Council, and a Disneynature Ambassador. He can be seen co-hosting and hosting several nature-based documentaries on BBC, Discovery, and PBS.

Follow Dr. M. Sanjayan and Conservation International on Instagram @ConservationOrg, on Twitter @ConservationOrg and @MSanjayan and on Facebook @Conservation.Intl.

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