GETTING CURIOUS | What Is Swedish Death Cleaning? with Ella Engström, Johan Svenson, and Katarina Blom


Do you ever look around at your living space and suddenly realize that you have way too much stuff? Well, you might need to take some inspo from the traditions of Swedish Death Cleaning! On this week’s Getting Curious, the three Swedish Death Cleaners from the Peacock show join Jonathan to tell us all how we can tidy up our lives and learn to confront one of the scariest things out there: death.

Ella Engström is an organizer. Johan Svenson is a designer. And Katarina Blom is a psychologist.

You can follow Johan on Instagram @svenson_johan, Ella on Instagram @engsroom, and Katrina on Instagram @katarinablom.

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning is streaming now, on Peacock.

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