GETTING CURIOUS | What’s The Biden Administration Doing For The Environment? 


White House National Climate Advisor Ali Zaidi is here to tell us all about the major policy efforts that are making historic gains in the fight against climate change. Jonathan and Ali cover it all: from Ali’s journey to this work, to environmental justice concerns, to the many ways in which investing in these policies help strengthen local economies. Plus, how people just like you can get involved in a greener future with the American Climate Corps, which trains young people in clean energy, conservation, and climate resilience skills to help tackle the climate crisis.

Ali Zaidi serves as Assistant to the President and National Climate Advisor. In this role, he leads the White House Climate Policy Office, which coordinates policy development and President  Biden’s all-of-government approach to tackle the climate crisis, create good-paying union jobs, and advance environmental justice. Zaidi helped design and negotiate the President’s historic climate and clean energy investment agenda – including the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act. Zaidi has also worked for the Obama Administration and the state of New York. Ali immigrated from Pakistan and grew up outside Erie, Pennsylvania. He received an A.B. from Harvard University and J.D. from Georgetown University.

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