GETTING CURIOUS | Who Were History’s Queer Seamen? with Dr. Seth LeJacq


Sea Daddies! Sea Queens! Land hoes! This week, we’re getting wet and wild with Dr. Seth LeJacq to learn what life was like for queer sailors in the British navy from the 15th century to the 19th century. How did these sailors express their gender and sexuality? What did they risk—legally and socially—when they pursued queer relationships? And were their ship hammocks really sturdy enough for a night of deep sea “exploration”?

Dr. Seth Stein LeJacq is a historian specializing in the history of gender, sexuality, and medicine. He is currently a Caird Fellow at the UK National Maritime Museum.

You can follow Dr. LeJacq on Twitter @SethSLeJacq, and learn more about his work at His Routledge collection Sexual and Gender Difference in the British Navy, 1690-1900 will be available for pre-order soon.

Here’s a portrait of Captain Edward Rigby, here’s an etching of Captain Whiffle and Mr. Simper, and here’s a rendition of “Backside Rules The Navy.” We’ll be sharing more resources on our @CuriouswithJVN Instagram account throughout the week.

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