PRETTY CURIOUS | How Are You Serving Bombshell Beauty? with Trace Lysette


Whether she’s on the basketball court or the red carpet, this week’s Pretty Curious guest knows how to turn a look. Actress, producer, and ballroom legend Trace Lysette joins Jonathan to discuss her favorite beauty products, how she takes inspiration from both 1930s Hollywood and 1990s ballroom culture, and her thoughts on the phrase “stunning.”

Our conversation with Trace begins around 8 minutes into the episode.

Trace Lysette is a dynamic and talented actress known for her remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry and has emerged as a powerful voice and a beacon of representation for transgender individuals in Hollywood. She currently stars in the critically acclaimed film MONICA playing the title role opposite Patricia Clarkson; which also has a SAG/AFTRA Interim agreement so they can promote for the upcoming awards season including the Oscars.

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