PRETTY CURIOUS | How Can We Play With Palettes? with Danessa Myricks 


Imagine a beauty playground where every makeup product is multi-use, you’re encouraged to get creative, and everyone is welcome. You’re imagining Danessa Myricks Beauty. Danessa Myricks drops by Pretty Curious this week to share her dynamic approach to makeup, the magical ingredient that’s powering her product lines today, and her tips for achieving a creamy, long-lasting look.

Our conversation with Danessa begins around 10 minutes into the episode. To learn more about the products referenced in the episode, check out our Instagram @curiouswithjvn, or head to for the episode transcript.

Danessa Myricks has continuously broken boundaries and built a world of beauty for people from all races, ages and genders. As a pro makeup artist, photographer, and entrepreneur, Danessa is one of the most influential leaders in the beauty industry, inventing products that work in multiple places and on all faces. With the creation of her multi-million-dollar eponymous brand, Danessa Myricks Beauty and photography work, she continues to creatively combine art, product innovation, education, and inclusivity to move the beauty industry forward.

You can follow Danessa on Instagram @danessa_myricks. Danessa Myricks Beauty is on Instagram and TikTok @danessamyricksbeauty. For more, head to and Sephora’s Danessa Myricks Beauty collection.

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