PRETTY CURIOUS | What Is Beauty Beyond The Binary? with David Yi


Welcome to Pretty Curious, a new series where every other Monday, we’ll be talking all things beauty—skincare, haircare, self-care, and beyond. For our premiere episode, we’ve invited back Getting Curious guest David Yi to discuss their GRWM routine, their K-Beauty faves, and how they’re making skincare more inclusive with their brand Good Light.

We get into our interview 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the episode, after some stunning product reviews from Jonathan, so skip to then if you simply can’t wait to hear from David! For more information on the beauty products we discussed this week, head to @curiouswithjvn on Instagram.

David Yi is the founder and editor of Very Good Light, a beauty platform that aims to democratize beauty for all people and author of the book, PRETTY BOYS. He’s been written about in the NYT, LAT, Forbes, Allure, among others as the thought leader in men’s beauty, identity, and Asian American advocacy. David has championed DEI in his decade of journalism, writing for the likes of the WSJ, GQ, Vogue, and WWD. Additionally, he is a founder of AIM, Advocates for Inclusion in Media, as well as a GLAAD and Webby nominee.

You can follow David on Instagram @seoulcialite. good light is on Instagram and TikTok, and at And Very Good Light is on Instagram @verygoodlight, and at

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