GETTING CURIOUS | How Fun Is Alan Carr?


Jonathan and Alan recently met at Adele’s Vegas residency show and were instantly obsessed with each other! The two sit down for a truly delightful conversation about the journey of Alan’s career from working as a call center operator to becoming a UK comedy icon. The two chat about what it’s like to be a gay comedian, The Friday Night Project, and the challenges of working out new material as an established voice. Plus: Amy Weinhouse, Australian accents, and Drag Race UK!

Alan Carr is a comedian, broadcaster, and writer. Alan has won three British Comedy Awards, two National Television Awards, and a BAFTA TV Award. Alan can be seen presenting his hit panel show There’s Something About Movies on Sky One, hosting BBC One’s Interior Design Masters, and guest judging on Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK. He’s also the host of the Life’s A Beach Podcast. 

You can follow Alan Carr on Instagram @chattyman, and the Life’s A Beach Podcast @lifesabeach.podcast.

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