GETTING CURIOUS | What Conversations Are We Looking Back On? (ICYMI)


For our *last* episode of the year, we’re giving you a montage à la Golden Girls. Join Jonathan, as they look back on some of their favorite conversations from recent years. We’re talking about the sociosexual behavior of bonobos, the history of Germany’s anti-sodomy law, and Tammy Baldwin’s attempt to help pass the Equality Act in Congress. We’ll see you in 2024!

Dr. Laura Simone Lewis is a UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow in the Psychology department at UC Berkeley. Check out her full episode of Getting Curious here.

Dr. W. Jake Newsome is an award-winning scholar of German and American LGBTQ+ history whose work educates global audiences. Check out his full episode of Getting Curious here.

Tammy Baldwin is the Junior US Senator from Wisconsin & was the first openly gay woman to be elected to Congress. Check out her full episode of Getting Curious here.

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