PRETTY CURIOUS | How Can Hot & Cold Treatments Improve Our Health?


Every celebrity on your FYP has probably posted a cold plunging video—and maybe you want to try it too! But how does cold plunging actually work, and what benefits does it really have? Dr. Jonathan Leary joins Jonathan to explain the science behind all the wellness trends that are popular these days. From cold plunging and infrared saunas to functional medicine and proper sleep habits, he answers all of our questions about holistic wellness and gives us some tips for feeling (and looking) our best. 

Dr. Jonathan Leary is the Founder and CEO of Remedy Place, a revolutionary Social Wellness Club with establishments in New York and Los Angeles. His practice and expertise have been featured in top media outlets from Vogue to The New York Times, alongside a range of corporate advisories and appearances including Delta Airlines, Cannes Film Festival, and The Global Wellness Summit.

Dr. Leary is on Instagram @drjonathanleary. You can find more information about Dr. Leary’s work here

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