PRETTY CURIOUS | How Can We Supercharge Our Skincare Routine?


LA Beautologist, Nayamka Roberts-Smith, joins Jonathan to go deep on skincare…literally! Nayamka brings her expertise as an award-winning esthetician to the table to teach us all about our skin and what treatments we can seek out to stay healthy and glowing. Plus, should you brush your teeth before or after you wash your face?

Nayamka Roberts-Smith is an award winning esthetician, acclaimed skincare educator, and all-around fountain of knowledge on beauty culture. She’s an internationally known speaker on beauty and women’s issues, and has amassed an audience of over 1 million followers across her social media platforms. Nayamka’s been recognized as the most influential esthetician on Twitter by Sprinklr in 2020. And she’s created ad campaigns for Sephora, Target, Glossier and the U.S. Department of Health.

Nayamka is on Instagram and TikTok @labeautyologist. You can find more information about her Masterclasses here

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