PRETTY CURIOUS | What’s It Like To Run Allure Magazine? with Jessica Cruel


Allure Editor in Chief Jessica Cruel just got back from a trip to South Korea and is ready to share all the latest beauty recs from her travels with us! Jessica and Jonathan go deep on her journey to Allure, what she’s seen change in the industry, and where she thinks the future lies. Plus, who better than this Best in Beauty expert to get real with us when it comes to which products are meh and which are MAJOR? 

Jessica Cruel is the editor-in-chief of Allure, where she leads the development of multi-platform editorial content for digital, social, and video platforms, including the Readers’ Choice Awards and Best of Beauty Awards franchises. Jessica joined Allure in 2019, before becoming EIC in 2021. That same year, she spearheaded The Melanin Edit, an Allure platform exploring all things relating to Black beauty and wellness. Prior to joining Allure, Jessica also held editorial roles at Refinery29, SELF, and Popsugar.

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