PRETTY CURIOUS | What’s It Like To Work For Cosmo U.K.?


This week, Keeks Reid tells us all about how she followed her passion for beauty all the way Cosmopolitan U.K.! We learn all about the impact of social media on beauty journalism, the difference between micro trends and trends with staying power, and how to find your personal style. Plus, Keeks shares about her exciting next chapter with Jonathan: she’s going to cosmetology school to take her love for hair to the next level!

Keeks Reid started her career in beauty journalism in 2013 as an Editorial Assistant for Blackhair and Hair magazine. She worked her way up to Acting Editor of Blackhair at just 23 years old. Now she is the Contributing Beauty Director of Cosmopolitan UK, and works with a range of companies, from consumer and trade magazines and websites, to beauty brands and salons. 

Keeks is on Instagram and TikTok @keeksreid. 

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