PRETTY CURIOUS | What’s The Deal With Botox? 


Today we’re answering all your burning questions about botox! Dermatologist Dr. Renée A. Beach joins Jonathan to talk all things cosmetic dermatology: what’s the difference between botox and fillers? What’s the best approach for your desired outcome? How should you vet a dermatologist? And most importantly…what can you do to make your fillers last as long as possible?!

Dr. Beach is a Canadian dermatologist practicing both medical and cosmetic dermatology in Toronto for more than a decade.  She is the founder of DermAtelier on Avenue – Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology which opened in 2020. Her most recent research analyzed cosmetic trends in patients of all skin tones, and is a reflection of her mantra: Beauty For All.  

Dr. Beach is on Instagram and TikTok @DermaBeach. You can find more information about DermAtelier on Avenue here

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