PRETTY CURIOUS | What’s The Deal With Psoriasis 


We’re getting personal on this episode of Pretty Curious with Jonthan’s dermatologist, Dr. Ali Shahbaz! The two walk through Jonthan’s psoriasis journey and along the way, Dr. Shahbaz answers all our questions like what are the different types of psoriasis, what are some common triggers for flare-ups, and what are the best treatment options? Plus, Dr. Shahbaz shares the foundations for skin health, fills us in on all the latest technological advances, and busts myths around the so-called rules of aesthetics in the dermatological space.

Dr. Ali Shahbaz is a double Board-Certified Dermatologist. Dr. Shahbaz received his undergraduate of Honors in Bachelor of Medical Science at Western University. He then attended The University of Ottawa School of Medicine in Ottawa. Dr. Shahbaz specializes in medical, procedural and cosmetic dermatology. He enjoys treating patients of all ages and skin types.

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