PRETTY CURIOUS | How Dieux We Know What Works for Our Skin? with Charlotte Palermino


If you’re as obsessed with Dieux Skin’s Forever Eye Mask as we are, then this episode is for you! Co-founder Charlotte Palermino joins Jonathan to share her unique perspective on the beauty industry. From developing brand loyalty through offering products you only need to purchase once, to how we can spot misinformation in a world overflowing with hot new trends, we go deep into how to be a discerning consumer and find the formulas that are best for your unique skin.

Charlotte Palermino is a licensed esthetician and the CEO & co-founder of Dieux Skin. 

After 10 years working in media, building audiences and creating brand equity for award-winning publishers and Fortune 500 companies, Charlotte made the switch to skincare. When she’s not talking about skincare, Charlotte also writes about beauty, food, and culture for publications like The Cut,, Cosmopolitan and Bon Appétit.

Charlotte is on Instagram and TikTok @charlotteparler. Follow Dieux on Instagram @dieuxskin.

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